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Lose Weight In 45 Minutes!

Yes it really is possible. I tried this myself. Just take a look at the video to the right "Will He Slim". If you want a quick almost magical way to lose as much as 2.2lbs in 45 minutes then this is for you.

This is really exciting as you don't need to do anything to lose weight.

No exercise, no weeks waiting for results and no diet.

Almost everyone experiences weight loss of up to 1kg (2.2 lbs)

Holiday or party coming up? Need to lose those extra inches? Don't have time for slimming pills to take effect? It could not be easier with this new product. This is becoming a big hit in the UK and USA with proven, unbelievable, results. Celebrities are pushing their way to the front of the queues to have this treatment. Just think, get on the scales then have an optional, relaxing, anti-cellulite massage. Followed by a lie down in the comfortable thermal energy blanket for about 45 minutes. You can even have a nap!!!. Then, get back on the scales and find you have just LOST WEIGHT!!. PLUS!! THIS PRODUCT GETS RID OF TOXINS TOO!!

I thought I had better try this for myself as I found it really hard to believe you could get results in just one session. I LOST 1 LB (400 GRAMS) WITHOUT HAVING THE EXTRA RECOMMENDED ANTI-CELLULITE MASSAGE. PLUS I LOST ALMOST 2 INCHES (4 CMS) OFF MY WAISTLINE. INCREDIBLE, WATCH MY VIDEO HERE >>>

Search with Google below and look for health and fitness salon's with a thermal energy blanket. It's also called a sauna blanket, thermal blanket, thermal body wrap, or thermo converter.

I am not an affiliate for this and earn nothing from telling you about it. This is a quick fix that works for almost everyone but of course it doesn't mean necessarily that you can continue to lose weight every time you do it. It is really just a one off initial boost, although many have reported continued weight loss after several weekly sessions.

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